General Education

The General Education program at Seattle Pacific is designed to help students pursue the path of wisdom and engage the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is at the heart of the liberal arts education at Seattle Pacific University. It is made up of two parts: Common Curriculum and Exploratory Curriculum.

You will begin the Common Curriculum in the first quarter of your freshman year by taking the University Colloquium, during which you study and converse about an interesting problem or academic topic with a faculty instructor and student peers.

In your freshman year, you will also complete the first of three University Foundations courses. In these courses, you will:

  • Study and reflect on the Christian life, how our faith is formed, and what it means to live in Christian community.
  • Study the Bible, and how the diverse collections of the Old and New Testaments narrate the story of God’s redemption, reconciliation, and restoration of creation.
  • Learn about the doctrines important to Christians and the ways they influence Christian thought and life.

Your first year is rounded out by our two academic inquiry and writing (WRI) seminar courses.

Two additional Core courses, taken after your freshman year, complete the Common Curriculum. These courses look at the intersections of Christian faith with contemporary society and thought.

  • UCOR 2000 — Explores how the modern global system was formed, with special emphasis on the history and pattern of human inequality that mark today’s societies.
  • UCOR 3000 — Explores challenging questions for the Christian faith that arise from science and modern philosophy. 

The Exploratory Curriculum, drawing on the sciences, arts, and humanities, provides students with an opportunity to explore how various disciplines understand the world and the opportunity to apply this knowledge to significant social issues.

Browse the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for full descriptions of these courses and many more.

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