How to Publicize Your Event

There are many ways and communication channels to help you promote your campus event. Remember that no one channel or one message will be seen by everyone. The key is to target your promotion to the channels your audience is most likely to use. You should use the “Rule of Many.” (Many messages on many channels many different times.)

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Director of Public Information Tracy Norlen at

Disability Accommodations

As defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), SPU seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for all external and internal events.

The Disability Support Services office on campus is for students, and provides access, resources, and academic accommodations for students with disabilities. They are happy to consult with your department when you are planning a special event.

If you are planning an event open to the public, you may need to make arrangements for ADA requests. Please be mindful that:

  • Most campus buildings are wheelchair accessible, but not all. Some buildings do not have accessible bathrooms.
  • If you need an interpreter or captioning for a participant who is deaf, contact Disabilities Support Services at or 206-281-227 for a list of referrals.
  • You might need to leave seats available for those who need special assistance or have a need due to their disability.