Sitecore Tutorials

For some of the most common Sitecore tasks, you can now refer to these tutorials anytime. For other Sitecore instruction, contact the communication specialist working with your school or department: 

Note: If you are working remotely, you MUST be on VPN, FortiClient, or Citrix to connect to, and use, Sitecore.

Getting started

NOTE: With the Sitecore 9 upgrade, you will now log into Sitecore from Additionally, begin watching this first tutorial at 1:00 for the applicable information about navigating once in the CMS.


Finding the web page(s) you need


Updating your school’s or department’s web pages


Images on your school’s or department’s website


Before you publish your web page(s)


Editing a site in the Experience Editor template

Autumn 2021 update: With the Sitecore 9 upgrade, the Page Editor is now called the Experience Editor.