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Costs and Insurance

Insurance for Domestic Students

Change in Student Health Insurance:

The Affordable Care Act has changed SPU’s ability to offer health insurance to our students. Unfortunately, this means there will not be a health insurance plan offered to domestic (American) undergraduates or graduate students for the 2014-2015 Academic year.

As of October 1, in accordance with the national healthcare reform, Washington State has launched the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to assist people in obtaining affordable individual health insurance. These will be individual plans, not plans offered by SPU. Below are some links to assist you in the process:

Washington Health Plan Finder

      The official site for Washington's Insurance Exchange (Marketplace)

The Health Insurance Marketplace

      The federal government's website on the Affordable Care Act

The Kaiser Family Foundation

       A non-partisan website with a wealth of information including a calculator to estimate health insurance subsidies.


Other Possible Options:

These options do not include the government subsidies listed above.


     Compare companies available in Washington State on one site.

Washington Basic Health

     Basic Health is a state-sponsored program providing low-cost health care coverage through

     private health plans. However, there is a waiting list to enroll.

Washington Health Program

     This unique program offers either $75,000 or $100,000 in health insurance coverage every year. 

     Members maintain low deductibles and, at times, no-cost coverage for basic health services. This

     provides coverage for those unexpected trips to the hospital.

Get Insured

     Compare companies available in Washington State on one site.

We will update this page as we get more information.

Under 26? You may be eligible for health coverage under your paren's plan


Insurance for International Students

            All International students are required to have medical insurance. You are automatically 

            enrolled in LewerMark, unless you have provided proof of comparable insurance to the

            Health Services Director within 5 days of the start to the current quarter. You must renew

            your medical insurance waiver each time the policy is renewed.

LewerMark Plan Summary for 2015-2016

LewerMark Plan Brochure

Additional LewerMark Information

Health Center Charges
(Payable in cash, check, or student/staff account)


Visit Type Cost**
Injury & Illness Visit

Undergraduate Student............$35 per quarter*

Graduate Student....................$50 per quarter



Medication Evals & Assessments from Student Counseling Center FREE except applicable labs, if any
Woman’s Annuals $50 plus applicable labs, such as the Pap
Physical Exam $50 plus applicable labs, if any

Sports Physical

$50 plus applicable labs, if any
Sprint Physical Exam $50 plus applicable labs, if any
General Health Assessment $50 plus applicable labs, if any
Study Abroad Physical Exam $50 plus applicable labs, if any
Travel Consult (Immunization Consult) FREE
Allergy Injections $10 per visit
Color Blind Test (for SHS Students) FREE
No Show Fee $5
Cancellations (prior to visit time) FREE


Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis (Tdap) $55
MMR $70
Hepatitis A $85
Hepatitis B $70
TB $10
Menactra $120 (pre-order required)
Varicella Titer (Chicken Pox Immunity Blood Test) $20 (or lab can bill your health insurance)
Rubeola Titer (Measles Immunity Blood Test) $20 (or lab can bill your health insurance)
Imaging, Other MD Clinics, or Hospital fees Will receive bill from outside agency
Lab fees Option of lab billing personal health insurance OR billing to SPU student/employee account
Equipment Rentals
  Returned by Due Date Unreturned
Crutches FREE $50.00
Vaporizer FREE $25.00
Health Books FREE Retail Value


*For undergraduate students living on-campus, the quarter fee is paid in the quarterly housing fee.

**Costs subject to change.


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