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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Seattle Pacific University’s residential community. Living on campus extends your education beyond the classroom and offers important opportunities for growth.


You will find there are many choices to be made as you develop relationships with roommates, friends, faculty, and staff members. You will also make decisions that affect academic success, including how to stay healthy, manage a busy schedule, and have time for recreation.


As a member of the SPU community, you are asked to respect the rights of others and be accountable for your actions. So that you clearly understand your responsibilities, the Residential Student Guidebook is part of the Room and Meal Plan Contract that you will sign.

The Office of Residence Life oversees residential community, providing opportunities for social interaction and programs which emphasize educational excellence and personal development. The Office of University Services, which includes Housing and Dining Services, manages room and roommate assignments and meal plans. We work together to provide a living-learning environment that offers physical comfort and safety while supporting personal and academic growth.

Wishing you the best in the coming academic year,

Gabriel Jacobsen
Director of Residence Life

Alexis Cruikshank
Director of University Services

Send questions or comments to: housing@spu.edu | Housing Information: (206) 281-2188
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