Residential Living Requirement

Since it was founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University has been committed to the education of the whole person. For this reason, the residential experience is considered an integral part of your education. Research shows that students who are engaged in a campus residential community have a more productive, and ultimately more satisfying, college experience than those who live off campus.

Absent special circumstances, a two-year guarantee of six consecutive academic quarters of housing is given to first-time freshmen. SPU encourages students to live on campus subsequent quarters as space is available. The Residential Living Requirement is evaluated yearly to support the residential experience, as well as respond to housing demand.

Given the decisions that have been made regarding academic opportunities, Seattle Pacific University has temporarily modified the Residential Living Requirement to exempt all students from living on campus during Autumn Quarter 2020, meaning no students are required to live on campus this fall.  Also, due to de-densifying efforts, the University may not be able to guarantee six consecutive academic quarters of housing.

This blanket exemption may be extended to Winter and Spring Quarters 2021 if COVID-19 concerns persist. If the blanket exemption is not extended, individual exemptions may be granted if students are unable to return to campus (e.g., because it would require breaking a lease).

For questions regarding this, please email the Residential Living Exemption Review Committee.

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