Housing Sign-up FAQ

Preparing for another year in SPU housing? This list of tips will help you get ready.

Will I be required to live on campus?

As a part of the strategy to facilitate student success, students are required to live on campus for their first two years at Seattle Pacific. Undergraduate students with are registered for eight or more credits are required to live on campus unless they graduated from high school two or more years before the start of the current academic year. SPU strongly encourages students to live on campus.

What will residential density look like in the fall?

We anticipate CHA density will remain the same while density in the residence halls will shift slightly with the elimination of triples in Ashton/Hill and the increased number of single rooms being offered in all buildings.

Can I sign up for a triple room?

Yes, we are allowing triples in Arnett and Emerson.

Where am I able to sign up?

If you graduated from high school in 2023, you are eligible for Hill or Arnett. If you graduated in 2022 or earlier, you are eligible for Emerson or CHA. Note: If you include someone in your group who is not eligible for Emerson/CHA, you will not be able to verify your group or receive a time slot.

How can I confirm the high school graduation year you have for me?

Your high school graduation year is displayed on the "Home" page in the housing portal under "My Details".

How many people can be in a group?

A group can consist of one to six members, depending on the type of unit they want to reserve. A student who wants to reserve a single is a group of one. All members must 1) be returning students (residents or commuters), 2) be eligible for the desired area, and 3) fill each space in the unit they are trying to reserve (e.g. a group of three will only be able to select a three-bed unit).  

What kinds of units are available for sign-up?

A chart of available units can be found at spu.edu/housingsignup. (Click on "Available Units".)

How are time slots assigned?

CHA: Within each unit type (two-person, three-person, etc.) eligible groups are categorized as follows and then randomly assigned a timeslot:

  • Each group member has a high school graduation year of 2021 or earlier.
  • One or more group member has a high school graduation year of 2022.

Halls: within each unit type (double, triple, etc.) Eligible groups are randomly assigned a timeslot. 

Time slots are assigned five minutes apart. The first time slot assigned is 12 p.m.; the last time slot will depend on the number of groups (no time slot will be later than 7 p.m.). You may take as much time as you need to select a unit, but every five minutes a new group enters the portal. Time slots are deactivated at 9 a.m. the next day.

What happens if our group misses out time slot?

If it's the same day, you can still log into the portal to see what options are available. Time slots are deactivated at 9 a.m. the next day.

What if I have a conflict with out group's assigned time slot?

Your group leader is the only one who needs to be available to make a selection for your group. If you are the group leader, email housing@spu.edu from your SPU email account to switch group leader status to another person. Please do not miss class or work to sign up for housing. 

Is there a benefit to verifying our group early?

No. While you want to give yourself plenty of time to verify by the deadline, verifying early does not increase your chances of an earlier time slot. You should verify only when you have finalized the members of your group. Group members cannot change after verification without contacting Housing.

What if I select the wrong unit during the reservation process?

Once you click Reserve Beds, you will be unable to backtrack and change your selection. It is important to research your options before your time slot and choose carefully during the selection process.

What if I reserve one kind of unit and decide I want a different kind?

Please be certain of your group and unit type before you reserve a unit. Once you do, you take that unit out of selection for everyone who enters the portal after you. Regrouping or changing unit types disadvantages other students and is not permitted. If you have an exceptional situation, email housing@spu.edu. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis after housing sign-up ends.  

What are my meal plan options?

New meal plan options have been created to add flexibility. The specifics of each plan can be found online.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

Meal plan selections are made in the portal. If you’re on the Assign Me to a Unit track, the meal plan options page will be available after you receive your assignment. If you’re on the Select a Unit track, the page will be available after your group leader selects your unit. See spu.edu/mealplans for plan details.

Where can I find housing and meal plan rates for next year?

Go to spu.edu/rates

What if I want to live off campus?

Unless you are living with your parents or guardians, you must have graduated from high school two or more years prior to the start of the academic year to live off-campus. Students out of compliance with this policy will incur a fine and will not be permitted to register until they are in compliance. Exceptions are rare. If you have a situation that warrants special consideration, complete the Residential Living Exemption form in the housing portal.

What if my roommate is living off-campus spring quarter?

Just give them your group name and password, and they will be able to join your group remotely!

What if I want to live with someone who will be gone Autumn Quarter?

Unfortunately, we cannot assign a student who will not physically be on campus Autumn Quarter. However, you can try to find another student who will be a resident Autumn Quarter only, in whose space your friend can return Winter Quarter. Students have done this by placing an ad on Switchboard or through word of mouth.

What if I need to withdraw after our group has reserved a space?

Email housing@spu.edu from your SPU email account. Cancellations result in the forfeiture of you $300 housing deposit (paid when you first applied to housing). 

If my roommate withdraws, can I find someone to take their place?

Contact Housing to make this request. Our ability to accommodate it will depend on whether we have another student slated to fill the space; therefore, it is helpful to make your request at the same time your roommate withdraws.

How do I sign up without a roommate?

If you prefer that Housing match you with a roommate, complete your application (spu.edu/housingapp) and select the Assign Me to a Unit track (available May 25). If you apply by June 10, you will be matched with other returning and incoming students and notified of your assignment on July 15. (Note: These assignments are made after sign-up is complete; therefore, not all areas may be available. For best choice of units, follow the Select a Unit track.)

What if I want to live with a new student?

Returning students can live with incoming transfer students, but not first-year students since they are only eligible for first year halls. To live with a transfer student, follow the Assign Me to a Unit track and select them in the mutual roommate step.

What if we're a group of three and want a four-person unit?

You have two options: 1) find a fourth person to select a four-person unit during the selection process or 2) follow the Assign Me to a Unit track, request your other two roommates, and we will do our best to assign you together with a fourth student during the summer assignment process (dependent on availability).

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Questions about housing or meal plans?

Send questions or comments to housing@spu.edu or call 206-281-2188.