Meal Plans

We know that your and other students’ schedules and dining preferences vary throughout the year, so we’ve developed meal plans for flexibility and convenience. Plan details are outlined on these web pages.

Options are dependent on where you live; therefore, you will make your choice after you receive your assignment.

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Weekly Block plans

Residence halls

If you live in Arnett, Ashton, Emerson, Hill, or Moyer, you are required to choose a Weekly Block plan. Each plan gives you a specific number of meals each week at Gwinn Commons and Simply to Go retail locations and a set amount of Dining Dollars to spend each quarter at any of the campus dining locations.

  • The more Weekly Block plan meals you have, the fewer Dining Dollars you’ll need to supplement them.
  • Your unused meals will roll to the next week, but expire at the end of the quarter.
  • Your unused Dining Dollars will roll to the next quarter, but expire at the end of the year.


Let’s say you are on the Weekly Block 14. You’ll get 14 meals at the start of each week (beginning Sunday).

  • At the end of the first week, you have used 12 meals.
  • You will start the next week with 16 meals (two unused meals from the previous week and your new allotment of 14 meals).

Additionally, you would also receive $175 Dining Dollars on this plan. Let’s say you pick up a tall latte at Common Grounds for $3.25.

  • The cashier will deduct that amount from your balance, leaving you with $171.75 to use for the remainder of the quarter.
  • If you deplete your Dining Dollars before the end of the quarter, you can purchase Falcon Funds.

Meal plan balances are available from the cashier, via the Falcon Card Services website, or by downloading the GET Mobile app, which allows you to track your plan from your smartphone.

Campus houses and apartments

If you live in a campus apartment or house, you are not required to have a plan, but you may choose any plan, including a Block 25 or Block 50 (25 or 50 entrances into Gwinn or Simply to Go meals at retail locations). You could also choose to get Falcon Funds to purchase food on campus.

  • Block 25 and Block 50 plans are “per-purchase” plans; you can purchase additional blocks whenever you run out.
  • Unused balances roll to the following quarter until you graduate or withdraw from the university, at which point any unused meals are forfeited.

Falcon Funds

Falcon Funds are SPU’s official campus currency. You can use Falcon Funds to purchase food (tax free) at all campus dining locations and to make non-dining purchases at the Bookstore, at Mailing Services, in vending machines, and in residence hall laundry facilities.

Falcon Funds are often purchased when Dining Dollars are depleted or as a supplement to a Block 25 or Block 50 Plan. A complete list of on-campus services that accept Falcon Funds — as well as refund guidelines and purchase instructions — can be found on the Falcon Card Services website.

A photo of a window, with a woman sitting inside surrounded by a Coffee shop, Common Grounds

Falcon Funds

Falcon Funds can be used to purchase food (tax free) at all campus dining locations and to make non-dining purchases at the Bookstore, Mailing Services, vending machines, residence hall laundry facilities, and outdoor recreation programs.

Questions about housing or meal plans?

Send questions or comments to or call 206-281-2188.