Room Assignments

As part of the SPU Living Experience, residences are assigned according to where you are in your SPU journey. 

Arnett is exclusively for first-year students. Hill and Emerson are primarily for transfer and returning students who are in their second year. Campus Houses and Apartments (CHA) are exclusively for transfer and returning students who are in their third and fourth years.

To create a well-rounded and diverse community of students, you will not have the option to select a specific building; you can, however, let us know your preferred room type. After each deadline (see How to Apply), students with complete housing applications will be assigned. Each applicant who meets the deadline will have an equal chance of getting their preferred room type.

Each area contains a finite number of spaces; therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific assignment. Your chances of getting into one of your preferred room types will depend on its availability and how many other students have requested it. If demand for housing exceeds supply, priority will be given to students who are required to live on campus (see the Residential Living Requirement).

Regardless of where you are assigned, your first year at SPU is sure to be a memorable one!

Housing Accommodations

Disability-related housing accommodations seek to provide access for students in their on-campus residential experience. Accommodations for housing are approved on a case by case basis and are dependent on the nature of the disability and/or health condition and the reasonability of the request.

If you need a housing accommodation due to a documented disability, email Disability Support Services (DSS) at Disability refers to any documented medical or other circumstance that may require additional accommodation considerations such as mobility challenges, visual or auditory acuity challenges, severe food/environmental allergies, immunocompromised state, or other medical/physical challenges to living in a close community environment.

In situations such as immunocompromise or severe food allergies, a student may want to inquire about single room status.

Please see the DSS website for more information about the support their office provides, including information outlining the documentation needed as a part of an accommodation evaluation process. Once approved, DSS will partner with the Office of Housing Services and Residence Life regarding accommodations or placements that will meet the student’s needs.

Incoming students should submit their request by June 1 for Autumn Quarter housing, while returning/continuing students will need to have submitted their request by April 1 for Autumn housing. Students who are seeking housing for Winter and Spring should work to have this completed six weeks before the beginning of that Quarter. 

You can reach DSS at 206-281-2272 or to schedule an appointment.

Kelsey Chase

Part-Time Jobs

Looking for a job while you study? SPU’s Office of Student Employment is here to help.

Questions about housing or meal plans?

Send questions or comments to or call 206-281-2188.