Vision, Mission and Values


To prepare students to be courageous and gracious contributors in a diverse and changing world.


Residence Life cultivates a safe, inclusive, fun and transformative residential learning experience at Seattle Pacific University.  We collaborate within the University to promote academic success, engagement with Falcon Formation Learning Outcomes, and preparation for students to be courageous and gracious contributors in a diverse and changing world.


  • Christ-Centered Community: we seek opportunities to explore and grow deeper in Christian faith as a community.
  • Personal Relationships & Support: we see, know and love members of our community.
  • Integrated Learning & Academic Success: we encourage students to make connections in their learning both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Cultural Engagement & Humility: we actively seek competence in understanding ourselves and others with a posture of care, self-reflection and learning.
  • Whole-Person Wellness: we promote the overall well-being of our community members.
  • Simple Systems & Process: we seek to provide simple and intuitive processes for students.
  • Theory, Research and Assessment: we ground our practice in relevant literature and assessment

Residential Living Requirement

For the 2019–20 academic year, students are required to live on campus unless:

  • They graduated from high school two or more years prior to the start of the academic year;
  • they live at home with their parent(s), legal guardian(s), spouse, or dependent children;
  • they are graduate students; or
  • they are enrolled for 8 or fewer credits.

Questions about residence life?

Send questions or comments to or call 206-281-2043.