Housing Deposit

New students

New students who cancel their housing applications by the following dates will receive a refund of their housing deposit:

  • Autumn Quarter – by June 1, 2023
  • Winter Quarter – by November 29, 2023
  • Spring Quarter – by March 6, 2024

Continuing students

Continuing students who contract for Autumn Quarter housing during the spring sign-up process will forfeit their deposit if they cancel their contract anytime after reserving housing. For Winter and Spring quarters, continuing students must cancel their contract by the following dates to receive a refund of their housing deposit:

  • Winter Quarter – by November 7 2023
  • Spring Quarter – by March 6, 2024

Once you occupy a room, your room deposit will remain on your student account until you officially withdraw from University housing. If the room is not damaged and all contract obligations are met (i.e., proper notice is given, checkout is complete, etc.), the deposit will be credited to your account. If you have an owing balance, the credit will reduce the amount owed. If you do not have an owing balance, you will be sent an email from Student Financial Services when a credit check or direct deposit has been processed.

Questions about housing or meal plans?

Send questions or comments to housing@spu.edu or call 206-281-2188.