Room Change and Withdrawal

Room change

If you want to request a room change, you may obtain guidelines for room changes from your RA.

  • Room assignments are typically made for the academic year, and room changes are approved on a case-by-case basis depending on individual circumstances.
  • Because of the educational nature of the residential community, your residence life coordinator/area coordinator may require you to participate in a roommate mediation or complete other requirements before approving a room change.
  • Room-change request approvals are not guaranteed and must be received prior to moving.
  • Students who move to another room without permission may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Room changes are not permitted during the first four weeks of Autumn Quarter or the first week of Winter and Spring Quarters in an effort to establish hall community and provide a smooth transition into the academic year.
  • Room-change requests must be finalized by the dates listed on the Residential Calendar.

Note: If you are approved for a room change at the end of the quarter, you must move into your new unit prior to the residence halls closing so that the space you vacate is ready for a new resident.

Moving in


  • To withdraw from University Housing, you must complete the withdrawal application on the Housing Portal.
  • You must also complete a checkout appointment with your RA prior to leaving.
  • If you plan to withdraw for the following quarter, you must check out by the residence-hall closing date and time of the current quarter, even if you are a CHA resident (see University Calendar).

From campus housing only

  • If you will continue to take classes, but will withdraw from SPU housing, you must meet one of the criteria listed under the Residential Living Requirement.

From the University

  • If you withdraw completely from Seattle Pacific University, or if you are registered for fewer than three credits, you are required to vacate University housing immediately and cease using your Weekly Block meal plan.
  • Any student who continues to reside on campus after his or her withdrawal will be liable for room and meal plan charges beyond his or her last date of class attendance.


  • For information on room and meal plan refunds, refer to the Refund Schedule.
  • If you are on a quarterly meal plan, access to meals and SPU points will be discontinued effective the date you check out of housing.
  • Block 25 and Block 50 plans will remain in effect until you graduate or withdraw from the University.
  • For information on room-deposit refunds, refer to Room Deposit.

Quick fact

During the 2018–19 academic year, 42 percent of Seattle Pacific’s incoming students were from out of state.

Residential Living Requirement

Since it was founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University has been committed to the education of the whole person. For this reason, the residential experience is considered an integral part of your education. To find out who is required to live on campus, read the Residential Living Requirement.