CLA 1300: Survey of Classical Literature (5)


Provides an overview of major works of ancient and ancient-inspired literature via mini-lectures, reading, class discussion, and analytical essays. Typically offered: Alternate Years, Spring.

Attributes: WK Humanities

CLA 3100: Ancient Civilization (5)


Surveys Mediterranean history from early Egypt and Mesopotamia to the rise of the Roman Empire with emphasis on the Bronze Age. Enables the student to understand the world of the Old Testament. Typically offered: Alternate Years.

Equivalents: HIS 3100 Attributes: Honors Course, Upper-Division

CLA 3170: Classical Civilization (5)


Explores history, literature, and society of classical Greece and Rome stressing contributions to modern Western civilization.

Equivalents: HIS 3170 Attributes: Upper-Division

CLA 4899: Senior Capstone in Classics (3)


Draws together three strands of the interdisciplinary field of Classics-art/archaeology, history, and literature/philosophy-into a comprehensive view of Greco-Roman antiquity. The course will encourage recollection and reflection upon previous coursework in classics and in the Common Curriculum, integration of classics and the student's own faith commitment, and further pursuit of an area of interest to the student.

Attributes: Upper-Division, Writing "W" Course Restrictions: Freshman, Sophomore students are excluded.

CLA 4920: Directed Readings in Classical Literature (1-5)


Directed Readings in Classical Literature. May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.

Attributes: Upper-Division Prerequisites: CLA 3170: D or better OR HIS 3170: D or better

CLA 4930: Classics Tutorial Practicum (1-5)


Classics Tutorial Practicum

Attributes: Upper-Division