Mandarin Chinese

With its Pacific Rim location, the Pacific Northwest is home to many companies and trading partners doing business with China. Because of China’s importance to the Northwest and the Seattle area, Seattle Pacific University offers on-campus Mandarin Chinese courses.

Chinese courses are currently available at the 1000 and 2000 level. When you enroll in Mandarin language courses, you will build your proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in this major world language. You will also investigate Chinese culture and its relationship to the language.

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Study Abroad in China

China Fall Global Seminar

You can now visit China to fulfill your UCOR 2000 requirement. For this 5-credit study abroad course, you will visit two cities: Beijing and Wuhan, with a focus on global interaction since the 15th century. 

Find out more about the China Fall Global Seminar and about study abroad courses through CCCU GlobalEd and USAC China at SPU's Study Abroad site.

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