Art (BA)

The Art Major’s curriculum is designed with options to choose a concentration in one of the following areas: Photography, Studio Arts, or Visual Arts. Each track prepares you for professional practice and/or advanced study.  

  • A minimum 66–76 credits are required for Art Majors, depending on your chosen emphasis, including 23–37 upper-division credits.
  • You will choose one of these emphases: Photography, Studio Art or Visual Art

Entering and completing the Art major (Photography, Studio Arts, and Visual Arts)

  • You do not need to submit a portfolio to enter this major. 
  •  If this is your first quarter at SPU and you identified this major as your first choice on your application for admission to the University, you have gained entry to the major.
  • To change or to add a major or minor in this department, follow these instructions
  • The University requires a grade of C- or better in all classes that apply to a major or minor; however, programs may require higher minimum grades in specific courses. You may repeat an SPU course only once for a higher grade. 
  •  To advance in this program, meet with your faculty advisor regularly to discuss your grades, course progression, and other indicators of satisfactory academic progress. If your grades or other factors indicate that you may not be able to successfully complete the major or minor, your faculty advisor can work with you to explore options, which may include choosing a different major or minor. 
  • You must complete the major or minor requirements that are in effect in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for the year you enter the major or minor.

Future teachers

Elementary teacher certification

If you plan to obtain elementary Residency Teacher Certification and are interested in teaching art, you must choose the Integrated Studies major with a concentration in art.

  • This concentration includes an Arts core, along with courses in mathematics, physical education, and the natural sciences.
  • The faculty advisor for the Arts concentration, Dr. Andrew Ryder ( 

Secondary teacher certification

If you plan to obtain secondary Residency Teacher Certification with endorsement in art, you should pursue a BA in Art, and you must also complete Requirements for Secondary Certification through the School of Education.

If you plan to become a teacher, visit the School of Education for complete information.

Time Schedule:

Course planning: Suggested course sequences