Moral Character and Personal Fitness Policy

Teacher Certification Programs at SPU include experiences working closely with children in public and private schools. The protection of children is of paramount concern.

Consequently, the School of Education reserves the right to refuse placement of any SPU student/teacher candidate in any field experience based on, but not limited to, behavioral disposition. Any SPU teacher candidate registering for any School of Education course that involves working with children does so with the following understanding:

  • Admission to the course and subsequent placement with children may be denied if fitness for such a placement is questionable in the exclusive judgment of the University.
  • The teacher candidate may be required to withdraw from the course, practicum experience, or the certification program should the School of Education receive information that raises a concern about the fitness of the teacher candidate to work with children.
  • Information received about the fitness of the teacher candidate working with children may be shared with the school district to determine whether a placement can, and should, be made or continued.
  • Ultimately, the SPU School of Education cannot override school districts regarding placement of teacher candidates as practicum placements are dependent on school district cooperation and approval.
  • Denial of, or removal from, a practicum setting due to lack of fitness to work with children will result in the teacher candidate being denied admission to the Teacher Education program or in being removed from the program if the teacher candidate has already been admitted.
  • In addition to satisfying the requirements of SPU Teacher Certification requires that good moral character and personal fitness must be established by each teacher candidate with the Office of Professional Practices in Washington state’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • Disposition — the School of Education reserves the right to excuse any student who demonstrates inappropriate or unprofessional behavior toward instructors, peers, or university officials. Please see the School of Education handbook for more details.   

For more information please refer to the the Residency Certification Handbook or contact the School of Education Certification Office.

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