Pre-Law Studies

Pre-law is not a major and has no required courses. However, all students considering law school are strongly encouraged to take the following three-course sequence (each offered on alternate years):

  • POL 3780 Law and Society
  • POL 4450 American Constitutional Law: Federalism and Separation of Powers
  • POL 4451 American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

You should also request from the pre-law advisors a copy of the handout, “Pre-Law at SPU,” which lists all law-related courses offered by SPU, as well as important information about the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), legal internships, and student membership in the Christian Legal Society.

  • If you are interested in a legal career, contact the pre-law advisor in the School of Business, Government and Economics as early as possible during your study at SPU.
  • The pre-law advisor will assist you in choosing a major and a course of study appropriate to law school.
  • The pre-law advisor will also advise you about preparing for the LSAT.

Other recommended courses 

You are also encouraged to take other law-related courses at SPU as your schedule permits. These include:

  • BUS 2414 Legal Environment of Business (5)
  • CRIM 3170 Juvenile Delinquency (5)
  • CRIM 3212 Criminal Law and Procedures (5)
  • JRN 3301 Media Law (5)
  • SOC 4250 Law, Injustice, and Social Change (5) 

Some of the courses that strengthen your skills of writing, speaking, and analysis, which are crucial to success in law school and the legal profession, include:

  • COM 1321 Public Speaking (5)
  • COM 2323 Argumentation: The Art of Inference (5)
  • COM 3628 Foundations of Western Rhetoric (5)
  • COM 4601 Communication Seminar: Advanced Public Speaking (5)
  • PHI 1001 Logic and Critical Thinking (5)
  • PHI 2001 Advanced Logic (3)
  • WRI 1000 Academic Inquiry and Writing Seminar (5)
  • ENG 3301 Advanced Expository Writing (5)
  • JRN 2101 Media Writing (5)
  • JRN 2202 Reporting and Storytelling (5)

Time Schedule:

Course planning: Suggested course sequences