Apartments Layouts

Click on unit type to view the unit layout (PDF). Illustrations are provided to help you visualize the typical layout of each unit and may not be exact.

Falcon Duplex
Falcon Duplex
Image showing the Wesley Apartment building
Wesley Cremona
Wesley Dravus Apartments
Wesley Dravus
Falcon Fourplex
Falcon Fourplex
SPU Intramurals

Play intramurals

Whether you love soccer or ping pong, SPU intramurals is the place for fun, high-quality competition. With a quarterly rotation of sports, games, and fitness offerings, students always find something fun to play.

A photo of a window, with a woman sitting inside surrounded by a Coffee shop, Common Grounds

Falcon Funds

Falcon Funds can be used to purchase food (tax free) at all campus dining locations and to make non-dining purchases at the Bookstore, Mailing Services, vending machines, residence hall laundry facilities, and outdoor recreation programs.

Questions about housing or meal plans?

Send questions or comments to or call 206-281-2188.