Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services

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Student Financial Services believes that a college education is a worthy investment in your future. We are committed to creating opportunities for you to develop foundational financial understanding, knowing that informed financial decisions will help you realize your future goals.

This program provides a breadth of financial education courses for SPU undergraduate students and an opportunity to receive a scholarship.

If you're like most college students you have to live on a budget, watch what you spend, and keep an eye on what you owe.  Learning practical money skills can help you better manage these financial matters and stay ahead of the game.  Using the information at CashCourse is a proactive stance on practical money management.

Student Loan Exit Sessions
Each spring, SFS offers graduating and interested student loan borrowers the opportunity to attend a student loan exit session. Join us to learn all the important details regarding loan repayment.

What will you owe SPU?
Determining a family's financial obligation is an important part of preparing for college. Use our interactive worksheet to arrive at a good estimate of what your family will need to pay.

Other Helpful Links About Managing Your Money
Learn more about how to establish credit and strengthen your financial health, gain new ideas for college financial planning, control credit card use, and become aware of the latest information on financial identity.

Last Updated: 2/11/2015