Off-Campus Employment: Students

The city of Seattle offers many jobs, internships, and service-learning opportunities. As an SPU student seeking off-campus employment, you could not be better situated. Seattle Pacific is located directly on the bus line to downtown Seattle, and close to many local businesses in the surrounding neighborhoods of Queen Anne, Magnolia, Ballard, Fremont, and Wallingford.

Types of off-campus employment

Three types of off-campus employment are available to you as a student, depending on your eligibility as determined by your FAFSA — Washington State Work Study, Federal Work Study Community Service, and regular part-time employment.

  • Washington State Work Study. State Work Study is need-based (determined by your FAFSA) employment funded by the state of Washington. Students who are awarded State Work Study must be Washington state residents, enrolled at least half-time, and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students with a declared major in the School of Theology are ineligible.
  • Federal Work Study Community Service. This is federally funded need-based (determined by your FAFSA) employment. Students who are awarded Federal Work Study must be enrolled at least half-time and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Current positions support historically underrepresented youth and people experiencing homelessness. A limited number of positions are available. 
  • Regular part-time jobs. There are hundreds of off-campus non-work study positions surrounding SPU, and SPU students have an excellent reputation in the greater Seattle area (and beyond!). It’s a reputation that goes before you into the interview process.

Volunteer opportunities

Along with regular employment opportunities, you may want to consider community service volunteer opportunities. Visit the John Perkins Center site for more information.

Keep in mind

  • Work study is not guaranteed. If you are awarded work study, it simply means that you are eligible to participate. Due to limited funding, the Work Study Programs runs essentially on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In order to use a work study award, it is required that you locate a work study job.
  • All work study earnings are considered personal income and subject to taxes.
  • The amount you earn cannot exceed what you have been awarded. However, your employer has the option of keeping you as a regular employee once your work study award is exhausted. It may be possible to obtain an increase to your work study award. Contact the student employment coordinator at 206-281-2047 or for more information.
  • The employer will pay you directly.
  • If you are using your wages to pay your account, it is your responsibility to make that payment. You are not required to pay your earnings directly to SPU.

Summer employment opportunities

On campus positions and some State Work Study positions are available in the summer. Both options are a great opportunity for students to earn funds in preparation for the upcoming academic year.

The amount you are eligible to earn for summer State Work Study will vary each year depending on available funding, your summer enrollment (if any), and your demonstrated financial need as determined by the upcoming academic year's FAFSA.

If you have any financial aid requirements for the upcoming academic year, they will need to be completed before summer eligibility can be determined.