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Student Financial Services


Note: To prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, callers who want to discuss a specific student’s account or financial aid will be asked to answer a security question established by the student.

Office Staff

Student Financial Services staff bring their over 110 years of experience and their area expertise in service to you. SFS staff are also a diverse group of people with a variety of experiences, including studying or working in private and public universities, including two-year and four-year institutions; many were first-generation students, have rich cultural experiences, and come from a variety of socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds. Between the 19 full-time staff members, other than English, five languages are spoken – French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.  Please see additional information about the staff, their roles, and fun facts below.

SFS Leadership and Administrative Team 

This team provides strategic leadership for SPU’s financial aid and student account programs, and ensures the smooth day-to-day functioning of the office.

Jordan Grant

Associate VP for Enrollment Operations and Student Financial Services

Email: grantj@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• First Generation student from a small Oregon coast town.

• Love my family, baseball, hiking, and music (theology majors: is Spotify a divine gift?).

• Swear by the three main food groups: Mexican, Greek, and Thai.

More about the director »

John Middeljans

Senior SFS Business Analyst

Email: jmiddeljans@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Immigrant from Canada. 

• Married to an SPU professor.

SFS Counseling and Customer Service Teams

Who do you need to contact?

  • SFS counselors provide detailed, one-on-one guidance about financial aid options, eligibility, and offers of financial assistance.
  • SFS coordinators answer questions about all aspects of financial aid and student accounts.
  • The Office of Student Employment manages on-campus student employment and work-study programs.
Gloria Rizo

Senior Associate Director of Student Financial Aid

(Serving students with last names beginning Cp-E)

Email: gloriar@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Originally from Nicaragua.

• Enjoys spending time with family, doing crafts, and helping at church.

Andy Buchanan

Associate Director of Student Accounts

Email: buchanana1@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Grew up in Minneapolis and lived there until graduating from college.

• Served in the Peace Corps for two years, living in Moldova. Taught English to students in grades 6 through 11.

• Named after Andrew Carnegie.

SFS Counselors

Student Financial Services counselors provide detailed, personal guidance about financial aid options, eligibility, and offers of financial assistance. They also give presentations at local high schools, to students considering SPU, and to new and current students on campus.

Brian Kearney

Student Financial Services Counselor

(Serving students with last names beginning Be-Bz, F-La)

Email: kearneyb@spu.edu

Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Loves dogs and music

• Doesn’t love cilantro nor cucumbers

• Has lived in Seattle for 12 years

• Enjoys hiking, trivia, and game nights

Barbara Davisson

Student Financial Services Counselor 

(Serving students with last names beginning Ca-Co, Lb-Ri)

Email: barbara@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Grew up in the desert and LOVES Seattle rain!

• Worked as a telephone operator for 3 years. ‘Your number please’ was a phrase I said all day long.

• Has taken out a parent PLUS loan.

Carlie Curlee

Senior Student Financial Services Counselor 

(Serving students with last names beginning A-Ba, Rj-Z)

Email: carlie@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Happily married, dog-mom with unicorn tendencies and a flair for adventure

SFS Coordinators

Student Financial Services coordinators help families navigate how to pay for SPU; explain the FAFSA/financial aid process, costs, and payment options such as payment plans, third-party billing, employer reimbursement, and tuition discounts.

Chris Landerdahl

Student Financial Services Coordinator

Email: chrisjonl@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Seattle native and SPU alumnus.  

• Enjoy movies, gardening, baking and volunteering at church.  

• When it’s time for vacation, you will likely find him on a cruise, at the WA coast or at Disneyland.

Tanhia Spohn

Student Financial Services Coordinator

Email: spohnt1@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Loves to ride her bike with her son

• From the South of Mexico and speaks Spanish, English, and French.

• "One thing I cannot live without is cookies!"

Erica Watt

Student Financial Services Coordinator 

Email: watte1@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Born and raised in Washington

• Favorite place to visit is Pacific Beach, WA

• Is a beekeeper

• Enjoys cooking and arts/crafting

Veronica James

Student Financial Services Coordinator

Email: jamesv1@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

  • From Edmonds, WA
  • Favorite food is mac and cheese 
  • Loves music and musicals 

Student employment

Student Employment manages state and federal work study programs, including confirming and monitoring students’ eligibility. To contact the Office of Student Employment, email ose@spu.edu.

Alyse Bradway

Student Employment Manager

Email: bradwaya@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Loves books and reading, can’t stop going to the thrift store to buy new books. 

• Cheese is the world’s greatest culinary creation. 

• First-generation student with a Bachelors in English Literature from SPU.

SFS Programs

Manages student account programs that need special attention, such as third party billing, employer reimbursement and study abroad. Also the liaison to resolve unique student account issues (e.g., registration, parking, health services, housing, athletics, and the private college 529 plan).

Donna McLynne

Assistant Director of Student Financial Services Programs

Email: dmclynne@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Majored in cultural anthropology with an emphasis on Native American studies.

• Favorite classes were legal research and statistics!

• Enjoys spending time with family, being at a quiet saltwater beach and listening to music.


Provides repayment assistance and pursues collection of delinquent Perkins, Nursing, and SPU Institutional loans and student accounts.

Vera Mosiychuk

Student Accounts and Loans Collections Manager

Email: vera@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Immigrated from Ukraine with my family. 

• Loves nature, reading and helping people in need

Loans and Operations Support Team

The Loans and Operations Support Team is responsible for the technical and reporting needs of the office. This team processes Direct, Grad PLUS, PLUS, and alternative loans, and are students’ liaisons with the lenders. They also provide Perkins, Nursing, and SPU Institutional loan documents.

Eric Trulson

Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid and Loans

Email: trulse@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Has lived in Seattle area since age 5, before that was in Southern California.

• Enjoys exploring Washington, especially Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.

• Favorite meal is spaghetti.

Ben Lockyear

Student Financial Aid & Loan Coordinator

Email: seraph@spu.edu
Office: Demaray Hall 10

• Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest

• SPU Alumnus twice over (BA and M. Div)

• A huge nerd who can talk your ear off on a lot of things – video games, theology, computers, etc.

Jordan Grant
Meet the SFS director

“We’re here to come alongside students and their families, and walk with them through the forms, deadlines, and requirements.”

Meet Jordan Grant