Additional Graduate Fees


  • Application fee (MA, MBA, MFA, MS): $50
  • Application fee (EdD and PhD, School of Education): $50
  • Application fee (PhD, School of Psychology, Family, and Community): $75
  • Application fee (School of Health Sciences): $65
  • Technology fee: $130 per quarter for 11+ credits / $12 per credit for 10 credits or less
    The technology fee supports the computer and technological services available to students.

  • Matriculation fee: $175
    An admitted student who subsequently registers for courses is considered a matriculated student. This matriculation fee is assessed only once at the time of an admitted student’s initial registration; it covers the costs associated with initial advising, registration, and maintaining the student’s academic file over the duration of his or her stay at Seattle Pacific.(An academic file may contain admission records, transcripts, and evaluations of the coursework from other institutions, academic appeals, graduation check sheet, etc.)

  • Credit-by-examination or challenge fees
    • Per-course examination fee: $100
    • Per-credit-hour fee: $60
  • Dissertation fee: Varies
  • Thesis binding, per copy: Varies
  • Replacement Falcon Card fee (for lost, stolen, or damaged card): $25
  • Official transcript fee: $12.50 
  • International Student Services fee: $200 per quarter (fall, winter, spring)
Parking, per quarter

Parking rates are listed here

Any vehicle maintained, owned, or operated by an SPU student or employee must be registered with the Office of Safety and Security if it is to be parked on SPU's campus, including city streets. Registration/application forms are available online and in person. 

Any changes in parking status must be reported to Safety and Security within 10 days of the change by calling 206-281-2922. Parking refunds are calculated in accordance with the tuition-refund policy. 

Note: If you completely withdraw from the University, you must inform Safety and Security to be eligible for a refund of your parking fees.

Medical insurance fees

Change in student health insurance: The Affordable Care Act has changed SPU’s ability to offer health insurance to our students. Unfortunately, this means there will not be a health insurance plan offered to domestic (American) undergraduates or graduate students for the 2020–21 academic year.

In accordance with the national health care reform, Washington state has launched the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to assist people in obtaining affordable individual health insurance. These will be individual plans, not plans offered by SPU.

All international students and their dependents, as well as undocumented students, are required to enroll in the University student medical insurance plan year-round (including vacation periods). Exceptions to this policy require documentation of a comparable plan. Waivers may be obtained only at Health Services and must be completed by the fifth day of the quarter. Students who have not received a waiver automatically will be charged the health insurance premium fee.

College of Arts and Sciences (per credit)

$50 Application: Master's degree
College of Arts and Sciences; School of Business, Government, and Economics; School of Theology
$50 Change of registration
Charged when registration is completed after the first week of the quarter.
$100 Per-course examination
Amount Varies Diagnostic Tools
Required resource for advanced practice students in health assessment courses
$100 Group Counseling Course
Winter, Spring quarters
$165 NUR 6211 & 6211L: Advanced Health Assessment
Per quarter, Lab & Access
$140 NUR 6940 and NUR 6941: Nursing Internship
Per quarter, Clinical
$125 Teacher Education (MAT)
Per quarter
$100 Matriculation
Assessed only once, at the time of your initial registration. This fee covers maintaining your academic files over the duration of your stay at Seattle Pacific. Your academic file may contain admission records, transcripts, and evaluations of coursework from other institutions, academic appeals, and graduation check sheet, etc.
$690 MFA Residency Room & Board
Per residency (5 total)
$50 MFA
Graduation fee
$150 AMTMS Internship
Autumn, Winter quarters
$200 AMTMS Internship
Spring Quarter
$60 Per-credit hour
$75 Application: PhD
School of Psychology. Family, and Community
$100 School Counseling Internship
Per quarter
$100 School Counseling Theory and Practice
Per quarter

School of Education

$50 Application: EdD or PhD
School of Education
$150 AMAT Internship
Autumn, Winter quarters
$200 AMAT Internship
Spring Quarter

School of Health Sciences

$50 Application: Master of Science in Nursing
School of Health Sciences
$38 Immunization Tracking Service
One time, required for internship/practicum
$140 NUR 7935-7937 and NUR 7938: Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum Internship
Per quarter, Clinical
$71.75, minimum National Background Check
One time, required for internship/practicum
Amount Varies Diagnostic Tools
$140 NUR 7931-7933 and 7935-7938: DNP Practicum
Per quarter, Clinical
$360 NUR 7212 & 7212L: Clinical Reasoning and Advanced Health Assessment
Per quarter, Lab
$30 NUR 6910: Advanced Practice Seminar
Per quarter, Access
$200 NUR 7930 and NUR 7934: Simulation and Field Experience
Per quarter, Lab
$20.75 WA State Background Check
May be required for internship/practicum on an annual basis
$15 NUR 7720: Advanced Practice Nursing in Gerontology
Per quarter, Access
$90 Typhon subscription
One-time, required for internship/practicum tracking
$199–$369 UptoDate
Required resource for health assessment courses
$125 TESOL Internship
Per quarter

School of Theology/Seattle Pacific Seminary

$10 SPS Student Council Fee
Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters