Payment Plans

Student Financial Services has partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce to offer flexible payment plan options to help spread your payments out into manageable monthly installments.

How to Sign Up

  • Students: You can access the payment plan through your account in Banner by following the link to “View Invoices and Pay Online.”

  • Parents who are Authorized Payers can access the payment plan via the QuikPAY site.

How does it work?

Your monthly payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, or charged to your credit card, on the 10th of each month. The Annual Plan and the Quarterly Plan for Autumn will be available in late August. The Winter Quarterly and Spring Quarterly Plans will be available later in the year.

Once the plan is available you can see if you are eligible, and sign up, through Nelnet’s payment site QuikPAY.

Annual Plan:

 An annual plan will cover the entire school year. The plan will be rebalanced throughout the year if your charges or aid change; the annual plan will also rebalance if necessary at the start of each quarter, once your charges and aid are final.

Quarterly Plan:

A quarterly plan will cover one quarter. The plan will be rebalanced throughout the quarter if your charges or aid change. 


  • Annual Plan for three quarters: $100
  • Quarterly Plan: $50

Sign Up Deadlines

Annual Plan:

  • Sign up by October 1st for a 9-month plan
  • Sign up by November 1st for an 8-month option (Autumn Quarter charges will be due by October 1 for those not on the payment plan.)

Quarterly Plans

  • Autumn: Sign up by October 1st
  • Winter: Sign up by January 1st
  • Spring: Sign up by April 1st 

Our Payment Worksheet may help you determine if the payment plan is right for you. It includes a sample of a monthly installment schedule.

2024-25 Payment Due Dates (for those on a payment plan)

  • Autumn Quarter
    • October 10, 2024
    • November 10, 2024
    • December 10, 2024
  • Winter Quarter
    • January 10, 2025
    • February 10, 2025
    • March 10, 2025
  • Spring Quarter
    • April 10, 2025
    • May 10, 2025
    • June 10, 2025

If payments are not received by their dates due, the account will be subject to late fees and holds on registration and diplomas. (See Late Charges and Payments.)