Dual Degrees: MBA/MA (Christian Studies) or MDiv

Seattle Pacific Seminary

Through a program offered by the SPU School of Business, Government, and Economics and the Seattle Pacific Seminary, you can earn dual degrees in business administration and theology that support your life and work in the intersection of faith and business.

The Integration of Business and Theology

The scandals rocking the business world in the last decade have left younger generations with increased levels of cynicism. From Enron to Wall Street, stories of greed and selfishness permeate our cultural consciousness. With many business schools teaching profit maximization as the sole purpose of business, the academy has done little to alter society’s pre-conceived notions of the marketplace.

Unfortunately, the church speaks minimally to those in the business world. Aside from pithy statements suggesting how the Christian businessperson must strive to live morally in the business place, the church views business in purely instrumental terms. Put differently, the predominant view of business in the church is that it exists to bankroll ministry.

But what if business holds intrinsic value in the Kingdom of God? Grounded in sound theological reflection and rigorous business education, SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics and Seattle Pacific Seminary provide dual degrees in business and theology.

This program, combining an MBA or MA in Management with an MA (Christian Studies) or an MDiv, focuses on rethinking the way business does business. As many as 24 credits may be counted toward both degrees, for a savings of about two academic quarters worth of time and tuition.

Who Should Pursue Dual Degrees

Are you a business professional or nonprofit employee desiring to augment business education with a theological background? Then the MBA or MA in Management/MA (Christian Studies) or MDiv dual degree program at SPU is a perfect fit. Dual degrees give you practical tools for the marketplace and provide answers to the underlying questions about why business matters.

Many Christians in the workplace are looking for a deeper education. Seattle Pacific Seminary is uniquely positioned to provide an education that augments the practical skills of a business degree with an exploration of the profound questions about how and why a Christian business person can find vocation in business.


By pursuing dual degrees in Business Administration and Theology, you will bring together skills and knowledge in both disciplines, enriching your graduate education and your career opportunities. You will also earn two advanced degrees in less time than it would take you to earn the same two degrees separately.

Career Opportunities

Dual degrees in Business Administration and Theology will enable you to serve in the marketplace as a Christian grounded in the Scriptures and theology. You could also serve as a business or finance manager of a church or parachurch organization.


To earn the dual degrees, you will need to apply to the School of Business, Government, and Economics as well as to Seattle Pacific Seminary (acceptance in one does not guarantee acceptance in the other). Once you are admitted to both programs, you will receive a specialized program plan to follow for the duration of your enrollment at SPU. The dual degree program also includes internship options and a Theology and Business Integration Seminar that make connections between the disciplines of business and theology.

View or download the dual degree program checklist (PDF).

The configuration of the dual degree will be worked out on an individualized basis between the student and the associate deans of the School of Theology and the School of Business, Government, and Economics.

Faculty Contact

Gary Karns

Professor of Marketing; Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2948
Office: McKenna Hall 223

Cristal Jenkins Tanks

I wanted to go to grad school, but didn't know whether to do an MBA or a Master's in Theology. I had the corporate experience. I'd done the ministry thing. Now I had to choose which to go with for the rest of my life. ... I was accepted into the program [and] I sensed God telling me, ‘Don't worry. I've got you covered.’

Christal Jenkins ’12
MBA/MA in Theology
Does Business Matter to God?

Does Business Matter to God?

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