Grants and scholarships, sometimes called gift aid, are funds you do not need to repay. If that sounds good, let’s look at the options.

Seattle Pacific University awards federal grants, state grants, institutional grants, and institutional scholarships. We also administer outside scholarships, including ROTC awards or veterans’ benefits, church match scholarships, and specific donor awards.

To qualify for scholarships, grants, and the most funding possible, your first step is to complete the financial aid application process and a FAFSA. In fact, your admission application is your application for most SPU scholarships!

Focus on scholarships

If you’re an incoming first-year student, submit your application by March 1 to be considered for scholarships. For incoming transfer students, the application deadline is July 1.

In either case, visit this page for a listing of available scholarships!

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or transfer, or a current student, here are other scholarship-related resources to help you land the most support:

Grant information

Grants are federal, state, and SPU funds that don’t have to be repaid. They’re awarded based on financial need. Take a closer look at some of the opportunities:

Mercy Alsworth

As a high school student, Mercy Alsworth wasn’t sure how she would pay for college. But she applied for just about every scholarship she could find, and it paid off: she just finished her freshman year at SPU and is looking forward to studying abroad.

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