Payment Worksheets and Tutorials

Determining a family’s financial obligation is an important part of preparing for college — and it can be confusing to figure out how much you will have to pay each quarter. We have developed a worksheet to help you arrive at a good estimate of what your family will need to pay.

2023-2024 Payment Worksheets


2022-2023 Payment Worksheets


Institutional and federal scholarships and grants*

Institutional and federal scholarships and grants will automatically apply to an account 10 days prior to the start of each quarter.

State scholarships*

Through the State of Washington Student Directive form, the grant may pay charges directly or there is a choice to receive it as a refund check or direct deposit.

If  you choose electronic disbursement, financial aid funds automatically credit to the student account at the beginning of each quarter.*

If you choose to receive a check, your financial aid funds will be available by mail or by direct deposit at the beginning of each quarter — but they will not directly pay your student account.* You are responsible for ensuring that your student account is paid.

To receive your State and other non-SPU scholarship funds, you must:

  • Submit all requested documents to SFS.
  • Register for the number of credits upon which your financial aid award was based.
  • Ensure that you have completed verification (if required). You are responsible for any owing balance and late fees.

Non-SPU scholarships*

Most of the scholarship checks from other outside (non-SPU) sources will come to the University and automatically apply to your account.

However, some organizations require that you endorse your scholarship check. If so, we will notify you. At that point, you must come in to SFS to endorse the check so the funds can apply to your account. 

Work study

If you receive work study as part of your financial aid package, the expectation is that you will work; it is not a guaranteed source of funds. If work study is needed to pay the balance of the account, you are responsible for paying SPU out of your wages.

*If you have outstanding disbursement requirements, the schedules above will not apply. You must complete all requirements before any of your aid (other than merit scholarships) will be released to your account. Check Banner to see whether you have any outstanding requirements.

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