MoneyWise 301

Continue your growth in understanding money and your financial life.

Step one

Complete Loan Exit Counseling at


If you have borrowed federal loans, exit counseling is required when leaving school, graduating or dropping below half-time enrollment.

If you have completed Exit Counseling in the past, doing so again will be helpful to review updated repayment estimates for your loans.

Even if you have not borrowed student loans to date the information about loans, financial planning information can be helpful. 

  • Log in at This counseling includes four steps:
    1. Confirm your contact information.
    2. Understand your loans:  Your student loan records will be imported into the counseling. You will need to add any future federal loan disbursements and information about any loans not included in NSLDS.
    3. Prepare to Repay. Learn about who your loan servicer is, repayment options, and avoiding default.
    4. Determine your repayment strategy.

You may also view the Direct Loan Exit Counseling Guide at

Step two

Test Your Student Loan IQ

  • Review the additional information at the end of the quiz.

Are you ready for a financial emergency?

  • Review the additional information at the end of the quiz.

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