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Our Certiport Authorized Testing Center has its home in the School of Business, Government, and Economics, and provides Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams in the McKenna 113 computer classroom.  

The Certiport Authorized Testing Center at Seattle Pacific University

Certiport Authorized Testing CenterSPU students, staff, and faculty may prepare for and take select certification exams offered through Certiport at SPU's Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC).  Our center is administered through our School of Business, Government, and Economics.  

Currently, the center offers the 2019 Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.  Specifically, students needing to satisfy the spreadsheet competency requirement which is needed in most SBGE and many FCS majors, may take the Excel 2019 exam (MO-200) through our center. 

Dr. Dick Sleight is our CATC Organization Administrator, and he schedules and proctors these exams.  He is also the instructor of BUS 1700 Spreadsheets, a 1-credit, P/NC graded course designed to help prepare students to take and pass the MO-200 exam.  BUS 1700 lectures are given during the first three weeks of each quarter.  This is followed in weeks four through ten by opportunities to prepare using practice exams, to receive additional tutoring, and to take the exam.  All exams are administered in the McKenna Hall 113 computer classroom.

Excel logoStudents registered in BUS 1700 are charged a $50 course fee which offsets the costs of online examination preparation materials as well as the exam fee. Tutoring is available in the McKenna Hall Collaboration Lab on most weekdays.

Students, staff, or faculty not registered in BUS 1700 are charged a $50 exam fee for each exam attempt.  Exam dates and times change each quarter to coincide with the BUS 1700 course schedule.  Those interested in taking the MO-200 exam or another MOS exam, but not registered for BUS 1700, are encouraged to request practice materials, and may also seek tutoring help from Dr. Sleight. Before arriving to take an exam, each test taker must register at Certiport as a Test Candidate, and select a unique username and password to be used at the exam.  No voucher is needed when taking an exam at our center.

MOS exams on Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access are available.  Dr. Sleight can also suggest study resources for these exams.

The MOS 77-727 (Excel 2016) exam Study Guide is here. The MO-200 (Excel 2019) Study Guide is here.

 Two Excel 2019 sample exams. Practice_MO-200_Exam_1.xlsx

How to sign up for a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam at SPU 

1.  Contact Dr. Sleight to request information about the exam you are interested in taking.  He will also provide you with the exam dates and times for the current quarter. He is available to answer questions about the exam and to help you prepare for it. 

2.  When you feel ready to take the exam, make a reservation with him by email.  (During this season of COVID-19, Dr. Sleight is also available via Zoom during his office hours.)
3.  At least two days before your exam, go to SPU's QuickPay web page and pay the $50 exam fee. Notice of your payment will be sent to Dr. Sleight. Payment must be made before a MOS exam may be taken.
4.  Before you arrive at our Certiport Authorized Testing Center (McKenna 113), register at for a Microsoft Office Specialist exam.  Create a username and password for yourself and make sure you remember these when you arrive to take your exam.  There is no voucher to purchase from Certiport or Microsoft. 

Faculty Contact

Richard Sleight

Manager of Information Systems
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2265
Office: McKenna Hall 123A