Spreadsheet Competency Requirement

The School of Business, Government, and Economics undergraduate program has a spreadsheet competency requirement for students majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and PPE. Your proficiency in the use of spreadsheets is attested to by passing the MOS 77-420 (Excel 2013), MOS 77-727 (Excel 2016), or MO-200 (Excel 2019) exam, or by passing BUS 1700: Spreadsheets.

How to Satisfy the Spreadsheet Requirement

Taking BUS 1700: Spreadsheets is the most effective way to satisfy the Spreadsheet Competency Requirement. BUS 1700 is also a major requirement for students studying Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and PPE.

For students who have not passed BUS 1700: Spreadsheets, evidence that you have passed a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in the area of Microsoft Excel is required to document your basic spreadsheet competency. The current exam is the MO-200 for Excel 2019 exam.  

Students must be proficient with the Windows version of Excel. Microsoft does not offer an Apple/Mac version of this exam.

Here is a list of the exam topics.

Students wishing to take the MO-200 exam should take the free test offered through the Seattle Public Library or contact the BUS 1700 instructor for an appointment to take it through our Certiport Authorized Testing Center

Students who take the MO-200 exam to satisfy the Spreadsheet Competency Requirement instead of BUS 1700 should contact their faculty advisor as a note will need to be added to their Banner Degree Check: “Student is approved to complete degree requirements with 0 credits for BUS 1700 based on satisfaction of Microsoft Excel Certificate.”

Faculty Contact

Charity Osborn

Associate Professor of Business Law; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
JD, University of Michigan Law School

Email: osbornc@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2906
Office: McKenna Hall 207

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