Tyler Erickson

Tyler Erickson

I've always felt a calling toward business. I just didn't know what it would look like. In high school, I ran a landscaping company and managed anywhere from five to 11 contracts at a time. I'd drive to school with my Ford Explorer loaded with a lawnmower, weed whacker, and supplies. As soon as track practice got out, I'd run over to my clients' houses and get to work. By the summer of my junior year, I had two employees working for me, and we were maxed out with work.

When I toured the SPU campus, I told the admissions counselor, "I don't care what it takes. I'm coming to SPU." I knew this was the place where I could receive a great education while growing in my faith in a community of believers. I was sold. And thankfully, I made it in.

During my freshman year at SPU, I was mentored by the senior vice president of Fresh Foods for Costco. Right away, he was clear about his faith and how he integrates it into his business. Another mentor, the CEO and founder of OneAccord and KIROS (Christian business networking nonprofit), also influenced me with his Christlike values and character. These mentors are both servant leaders developing successful organizations that truly honor Christ. I wish to do the same.

I've found my identity in Christ at SPU. I love the fact that SPU offers core curriculum that challenges me to question my faith and why I believe what I believe. It's made all the difference. Choosing SPU has been more than a strategic academic move, it's been an investment in developing who I am.

The School of Business, Government, and Economics has equipped me with both the skills and qualities to be successful in the marketplace. Corporations today are seeking employees who have strong character, who are open to experience, who can think critically, and who can deal well with ambiguity. The School of Business, Government, and Economics is built on this foundation, which is why I'm thankful for the program.

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