Michelle Teng

Michele Teng

My father works in the medical field, which is one reason I always thought I should go into medicine. My brother, two cousins, four uncles, and grandfather are also all doctors or in medical school. My mom was a microbiologist before she stopped working to have children. But during the spring of my freshman year, I wondered whether another major would better suit my personality.

My dad actually encouraged me to pursue an accounting career. He thought I would be successful. But I still wanted to find out if it was something I could passionately pursue. So that summer, I met with Marc Evanger, the executive pastor at Crossroads Bible Church. Marc was formerly CFO of QFC, and interim president/CEO of Tully's Coffee. He told me about his accounting experience, but especially about the relationships he developed with his co-workers. I've always loved being on teams, and many of the things I appreciated about being on a basketball team are present in an accounting career. 

I found out about an internship opportunity at Moss Adams LLP through SPU's Center for Career and Calling. After working on employee-benefit plans, nonprofit and quasi-governmental audits, I was offered a full-time position there.

Meanwhile, my faith has grown a lot at SPU. I've learned that no matter how hard I work, how much I care about succeeding, who I know, or how many hours I study, my life is in God's control. I've learned to persevere and to hold my career with an open hand, allowing God to do in my life what he needs to further his kingdom.

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