SBGE Graduate Pre-requisite: Excel Certification

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Graduate Certification Pre-requisite
Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel

Possessing the initial Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate in Excel® is a general prerequisite for graduate study in the Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government, and Economics. The certificates which satisfy this requirement include, MO-200 (Office 365 and Excel 2019), MOS 77-727 (Excel 2016), and MOS 77-420 (Excel 2013).  The exam is a rigorous test of your basic competency with Microsoft Excel.  MOS certification is a worthy addition to your résumé.

Students are encouraged to earn their MOS Excel certification prior to their first quarter here.  It must, however, be earned by the end of the second quarter in our program or prior to taking ISM 6212, whichever comes first.

MOS Excel badgeIf you have already earned a MOS Excel certificate:

To document the successful passing of the MOS Excel certification exam, email your name, SPU ID number, and a screenshot, JPEG or PDF copy of your certificate to the SBGE Graduate Advisor / Coordinator, Jason Harris at If you do not have your certificate, login to your Certiport account and download the PDF copy of your certificate available on the MY TRANSCRIPT tab.

If you intend to take the MO-200 exam at SPU:

Microsoft Office Specialist exams can be taken at Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATC) all over the world.  You may locate the centers nearest to you on the CATC locator.

Preparing to take the MO-200 Excel exam:

Depending on your current experience and skill level with Microsoft Excel, you may find some or all of these resources especially valuable in helping you prepare for the MO-200 (Office 365/Excel 2019) exam.  Be aware that the MO-200 exam tests your ability to use the Windows (not Apple) version of Excel.  Use of Excel with a mouse rather than a touch pad or touch screen is required.