Deyon Robertson

SBGE Student Deyon

What is your current major and why did you choose it?

I am currently studying Business Administration with emphases in both Finance and Information Systems.  What excites me about business is the endless need to innovate and compete in order to thrive in today’s market. The study of business functions (economics, marketing, finance, etc.) are inroads to virtually any career field possible. 

Though I’m a finance student, my mindset is that of an entrepreneur. I’d describe myself as creative and ambitious.I’m passionate about starting a business because it’s a vehicle for my own creative expression. By applying creativity, deep thinking, resilience and proper execution one could create a simple or revolutionary product or service that could ultimately change the way things are done in everyday society. Studying business at SPU has increased my ability to analyze a case and creatively problem solve a situation by diving deep into an idea or concept.

Why did you choose to study at Seattle Pacific University?

I applied and got into other schools, and I even had scholarship offers to play basketball. After much prayer during the course of my senior year, I believe God led me to SPU because this university would be the best path for me and bring me closer to Him as I looked to become a successful business professional. 

Seeing as a career in finance can present many ethical and moral dilemmas along the way, I believe the Lord led me to SPU because of the values and beliefs of the business school that align so well with my own. For example, the business school’s belief is that the highest purpose of business is to serve. Designed to advance “another way of doing business,” SPU's program would show me how values and ethics play an integral part in my success story. 

At the end of what started as a clouded decision process, SPU was my clear choice. I’m studying in an amazing city that presents many opportunities for young, ambitious professionals such as myself. Attending school in Seattle has enabled me to create a vast network professionals across various business industries. 

How are business and faith related to what you want to do after graduation?

It’s all about purpose. Why do you do what you do? As a Christian, my purpose is to love God, trust in the Lord, and look to do the right thing always. As a business professional and aspiring business owner, my first responsibility would be to put my stakeholders first by making the most amount of money we can with our resources. 

Though it may not always seem easy, surely we can incorporate Christian values and teachings into a successful business if our purpose is meaningful and we are looking to first serve. This is why I love SPU’s business school model: “Another way of doing business.” 

Though short-term I look to take analyst roles in either investment banking, private equity, or corporate finance, my long-term goal is to create a for-profit social enterprise company that solves a great need for society while also producing well-above industry average revenue. With that success, I hope my company can be a moral and ethical leader in business and use a large portion of those profits to give back to many meaningful foundations and non-profit organizations. This is important to me because I believe the purpose of God placing us in certain positions in life is so that he can use us to be a greater blessing to others.

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