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Coleman Wooten

SBGE student Coleman

What is your current major and why did you choose it?

My current major is Accounting and I am also pursuing degrees in Finance and Information Systems. I came to Seattle Pacific University undecided on my major and after taking a few accounting classes my first year I decided to declare Accounting as my major.

Why did you choose to study at Seattle Pacific University?

Seattle Pacific University has been a great fit for me. When I was initially picking a school to attend there were a lot of factors that weighed into my decision. I wanted to go somewhere that allowed me to grow within my faith first and foremost. I also wanted to attend a place that would provide me with a good and safe environment, great friends, and a wonderful college experience. Seattle Pacific University has provided all of those things for me in my time here. 

How has SBGE prepared you for a career in accounting?

The School of Business, Government, and Economics (SBGE) has been so helpful in preparing me for a career in accounting. They gave me the right tools to secure an internship at Ernst & Young and ultimately secure a job offer at the end of my internship this past summer. SBGE brought in many professionals from public and private accounting firms to speak with us throughout my time at Seattle Pacific University. This allowed me to network and ask questions to numerous individuals in different fields of accounting. Mock interviews through the Center for Career and Calling were key to preparing me to interview for internships and gave me some great feedback on how to answer questions, prepare my resume, and carry myself in an interview. The classes I have taken helped to prepare me for my future career and my summer internship. We did a lot of projects that were very applicable to the work I did with my client from Amazon through the summer.

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